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The Virgil Factor

Virgil was an amazing, creative thinker!  By some accounts, he was the greatest Roman poet among other major achievements in his life.  One of those achievements was his epic the Aeneid.  The simplest way to define what the Aeneid is would be to say Virgil wrote it as a glorification of the Roman Empire.

That said, I’m not suggesting that you read the Aeneid in order to understand what I’m calling “The Virgil Factor.”  No, I’m just drawing upon the man’s creative thinking to help you achieve an attitude that assures your greatest success in life.

Virgil said:  “They can because they think they can.”

The key to your greatest successes in life is no more complex than that thought by Virgil.  If you think you can, you absolutely will.  Every reality in life is a thought before it is a fact.  The fact is you can truly be anything you want to be if you will focus your thinking on it.  That focus will drive you to making whatever “it” is into a fact of your life.

Here’s some thoughts for you to “think you can:”


    • Don’t doubt…do!


    • I can…I will!


    • Can’t is not an option!


    • “Will” is my way!


    • Can is…can’t isn’t!


  • I can is a fact!


See…I knew you could!

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