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There Are 6 Important “E’s” In Efficiency and Effectiveness

It’s like the idea of fraternal twins…similar but not identical in their characteristics.  Fraternal twins are born of the same mother and at the same time but that is where the similarities generally stop.  The reason for this is fraternal twins have lived separate lives since conception.

The problem with fraternal twins is people constantly try to make comparisons of them even though they have always been separate entities.  Such comparisons can lead to difficulties for the fraternal twins because they may suffer the result illustrated in the cliché of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.  They really do not fit exactly together because of their differences yet the world around them is trying to force the issue.

So it is with the words, efficiency and effectiveness.  People can tend to think of them as being the same thing when in fact they are fraternal twins, at best.  They are close but they deliver a different impact.

Why is the distinction between the two words important to you?

Simple—to become all you can be in your life you must leverage the characteristics of both words.  The reason that is the case can be found in understanding the impact of the two words on your productivity.

Efficiency is all about your ability to do something or produce something without wasting materials, time, or energy.  In other words, your efficiency is measured by getting right things done in the right way at the right time.

Effectiveness on the other hand, is all about producing a result that is wanted.  Putting that statement another way…getting the right result.

As you can see the two words are similar (fraternal twins) because they both relate to accomplishing some task.  However, their impact on getting something done is significantly different.

The way you can apply the impact of the two words to your life can be easily illustrated by you focusing on the 6 important “E’s” in Efficiency and Effectiveness.

They are:   expertise, efficacy, energy, economy, eventuality and end product.

You can’t expect to get right things done in the right way at the right time if you do not have the necessary expertise.  It is incumbent on you to gain the necessary knowledge and skills so you can achieve what it is you want.  There are only two ways to do that—study and practice.

The internet is your “go to” resource on both levels.  Before you ever attempt to accomplish anything do your research!

In no particular order of importance, the next important “E” is efficacyEfficacy relates to your ability to produce the result you want.  If you don’t have the knowledge, skills or resources necessary to achieve what it is you say you want, there is little efficacy in trying.

Before you attempt to achieve anything get your proverbial ducks in a row by making sure you have access to all the necessary resources.  The first “E” takes care of the knowledge and skills needed.

As you ponder how to most efficiently and effectively achieve what you want, look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself the question:  Do you have the necessary energy?

You create the energy by defining very clearly why you want to achieve something.

The next “E” is economy.  Here your focus is on quantity in the sense of getting things done with the least amount of effort and resources.  To accomplish this “E” you have to build a well thought out plan.  The plan will give you the direction you need to stay on course to your objective.

Then, there is the eventuality of things not happening exactly as you planned.  Life can get in the way of the best laid plans.  The point here is whenever you start out toward some objective you must recognize there will be unexpected events that will occur along the way.  Don’t be surprised by them.  Adapt to them and move on toward your objective.

Of course, effectiveness dictates you achieve the end result that is what you want it to be.  If you don’t take seriously the first 5 “E’s,” it is entirely possible you will not achieve the end result you want.

If that is the case, you have been neither efficient nor effective!  Do you really have time for such an eventuality?  Why not do it right the first time so you don’t have to do it over a second time?

Living up to the 6 important “E’s” will allow you to be, do or have what you want with efficiency and effectiveness.

Efficiency and effectiveness…similar… but having totally different impact on your achievements in life just like the meaning behind the words, useful and useless!


How do you plan to use these 6 important “E’s” so you can become more efficient and effective in your life?

Please share your thoughts by commenting below.  

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