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There is Only One Spotlight to Inspire a Wonderful Future

Few concepts have stood the test of thousands of years or maybe even since the origin of man.  This one has because of a fundamental human desire.

When studying the history of mankind, you can find referenced, throughout, the importance of the “Teller of Truth,” AKA, the soothsayer.

Why?—because people are naturally curious about what the future holds for them.  Some take it so far as not making any decisions that are not based on the future predictions by some form of soothsayer.

Some soothsayers read crystal balls to develop a vision of a person’s future.  Others study and read the lines on the palm of a person’s hand.  Still others read tarot cards and many other techniques are used, as well.

Again, all of these methods are used to satisfy the human curiosity about the future.glass-ball-928785_1920

I don’t want to debate the validity of any of the above methods of foretelling the future.  Rather, I would like to suggest an alternative method for inspiring a vision of your future.

You might be wondering why it is important to have a clear vision of the future beyond simple curiosity. 

Well, it can be argued, if you don’t have a clear vision of where you want to get, you won’t be able to get there.  Here’s one source to support that point.

So…the method I prefer is steeped in nothing but fact rather than one form or another of what could be called mysticism.

If you want to assure a wonderful future, the only spotlight to direct you to that future is setting clear goals.

Nothing happens until you know exactly what you want to happen.  Goals give you a map of what you want to happen in your life.

Think about it this way.  A map is not a maze!

A maze discourages you from achieving the destination of exiting the maze! maze-511152_1280

A map (goal) gives you clear direction to a pre-defined destination.

The good news is it does not take an understanding of rocket science to set solid goals.  In fact, the first step is not remotely related to science…it is all about defining an emotional reason why you want to achieve a particular goal.

Goals that are driven by your passion are goals that you will be compelled to achieve. 


So—to reiterate—the wattage of your spotlight (goal-setting) to a wonderful future is increased through your passion.

The way you define your goals is critical to your success in achieving them.  If you did an internet search for goal setting methods, the one method that seems to predominate is called setting SMART goals.goal-976853_1920

SMART goals include five characteristics

Specific:  Back to the map…a map works because it is specific about the routes to any given point.  Your goal statements need the same specificity because generalizations don’t give you clear enough direction.

Measurable:  You can’t know how you’re progressing toward your goal unless you can measure that progress.  Think map once again.  Even better think about your GPS navigation device.  It gives you turn-by-turn direction so you can understand the progress you are making toward your final destination.  The extension of that for your goal setting is the goal statement has to include metrics that are clearly measurable.

Achievable:  We are not talking about dreaming…we are talking about the spotlight to a wonderful future.  A goal is not a dream because it has to be realistic.  In other words, a dream can include your wildest fantasy but may never come to fruition because you don’t have the necessary commitment to it.  A goal, by definition, is a truly desired result.

Relevant:  This is the characteristic that turns goal setting into a spotlight to a bright future because this is the step that defines your emotional commitment to the goal.  Like I said above, a dream is more like a fantasy.  However, if you have a visceral emotional connection to achieving that dream you will be compelled to set the necessary goals to achieve it.

Time Bound:  Without taking action nothing is ever accomplished.  Action is driven by a sense of urgency.  If you are going to realize your goals you must take action.  Setting specific deadlines within your goal statements gives you the sense of urgency to act.

Just as importantly, goals must be documented.  I’ve said it before and I say it again!  A goal only in the head is already dead!

Don’t ask a soothsayer to tell your future.  Shine a spotlight on it by setting goals that give you a map to a wonderful future.


What is the first goal you are going to set as a spotlight to your future?

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