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There’s a Difference

Here you are rocking out on your road to fame and success.  You’re excited and totally engaged in the endeavor.  You know it’s inevitable that you will succeed.  Life couldn’t be better, right?

Wrong!  Here’s why.  Just because you feel you’re making progress doesn’t necessarily mean that is truly the case.  Just because you’re focused and engaged doesn’t mean you will succeed.  The most important thing about achieving your dreams and goals in life is about doing the right things in the right way.

In other words, busily going about the pursuit of your definition of success doesn’t guarantee it.  Activity is one thing.  Well planned activity is another. There’s a difference between activity and achievement.  One is the catalyst and the other is the result.

To say it differently, to get the right result you must engage in the right activity.  Here’s one way to do that.


  • First, clearly define your objective.


  • Second, confirm the emotional connection to your objective.If you don’t have that deep, emotional connection…forget it…you won’t achieve it.


  • Third, in copious detail develop a plan of the activity necessary to lead you step-by-step to your objective.


  • Fourth, go back to the beginning of this process and confirm every aspect of your plan.


  • Fifth, start the process of performing the activities defined in your plan.


  • Finally, never stop until you’ve reached your objective but do adjust your activities as reality dictates.


Enjoy the difference in your result, if you do follow the above process!  I told you…there’s a difference!

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