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There’s A Difference

In these times of economic angst, one of the areas of great concern that keeps coming up is the high cost of completing a college degree.  The further bad news is there are those that would contend a basic Bachelor’s degree is almost useless and that one should get as many advanced degrees as possible.  Of course, the costs soar the greater the number of degrees completed.

I find it particularly frustrating that the young people of the world are faced with this rapidly growing economic circumstance.  Far too many of them come out the other side of pursuing their higher schooling goals with excessive debt and little prospects for getting established in a career that could justify the debt and the effort.

My frustration magnifies as I consider the real point of this post.  There’s a difference between learning and education…a big one!

In my view, learning is what happens as young people go through the progression of their schooling.  They learn the fundamental principles, etc. of the various topics they study.  It’s an important foundation to their personal growth but too many of them presume that having learned all that stuff means they are ready for the world and it owes them for their reservoir of things learned.

Like I said…there’s a difference.  An education is what happens as one applies in the real world what was learned in the academic world.  In other words, learning without application is not knowledge.

Knowledge is what comes out of the education gained by applying what has been learned.  There’s the difference!

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