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There’s No Magic

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0433135_20130601-191008_1Harry Anderson the actor and magician, among only a few of his occupations during his life, is a very interesting guy on many different levels.  We’ll explore just one of those levels so I can make my point in this post.

Harry is a creative thinker on a level that can be inspiring to the rest of us.  You can Google his name and add the word, quotes, and you will see what I mean.  One of the quotes shown is:  “Every fool knows you can’t touch the stars, but it doesn’t stop a wise man from trying.”

Isn’t that a wonderful thought?  Then, you’re thinking something like, well, what does it have to do with me?  My answer would be everything if you want to achieve anything.

You always have to reach past where you actually want to get so you assure you did enough to get there.  Just doing the minimum to achieve a particular objective is usually not going to be enough.  There’s too much risk in that approach and the resulting disappointment can be devastating.

There’s no magic in achieving whatever you define as success.  You can’t just wave a wand and hope.  You have to believe deeply in whatever it is that you want and wisely plan to touch the stars beyond it.

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