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There’s No Secret

A lot’s being said on a daily basis and via every medium.  You can’t avoid the topic.  It’s, as they say, ubiquitous!  Sounds important, doesn’t it?

Trust me!  It is!  It’s your health.  Without good health, you are very challenged to be blessed with a totally fulfilling life.  Poor health limits everything.  Yes, you can adapt around the issues and still survive and even have a reasonable life experience.  But, still…good health is the foundation to the altar of peace of mind.  Peace of mind is the penultimate achievement in life!

But, too many people think there is some big secret to having good health.  There’s no secret!  Assuming nothing congenital from a health perspective, it comes down to an attitude.  My point in that last sentence being, obviously genes play a part in your degree of health…good or otherwise…but beyond that it comes down to an attitude.

So, what attitude?  Whether we’re talking about mind or body good health comes down to the attitude you choose in living the present moment of your life.  You can’t dwell on the past!  You can’t try to live in the future!  You can’t presume the negative!  You must live in the present moment and choose accordingly as to how you think and what you do.

There’s no secret to good health…there’s only moments with good attitude.

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