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There’s Really No Secret

I’m constantly amazed at how complicated people can make things.  Take success in life, as one example.  People search the world for the secret to success.  They pay huge sums of money for various tools or programs to help them become more successful.

Now, I’m not against people making an investment in themselves.  Frankly, it’s people and businesses making an investment in their performance improvement that drives my business.  In that regard, I like to keep things simple for people…Get to the root of their issues and help them create solutions to make things better in some way.

Regardless of the challenges, however, and the related solutions it always comes down to the fact there’s really no secret.  In all cases, people have to come to grips with the same three things, if they are going to improve their lot in life.


    1. They have to shift their focus from the past.


    1. They have to not worry about the future.


  1. They have to live in the present moment with wisdom and dedication.


People who consistently do those three things have found the secret to success.  On the other hand, that fact confirms there’s really no secret!

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