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There’s The Possibility

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0422224Here’s the problem…you don’t know what to do to become a greater success in life!  It’s a terrible problem and it’s bugging the heck out of you.  It’s become such a source of frustration that you have become mired in dwelling on it rather than doing something about it!

There’s the problem!  You’re focused on the problem rather than the solution.  You can’t solve a problem by focusing on the problem!  The actual problem is only a sum of its symptoms.  It’s the result of the characteristics that are actually creating the problem itself.  So, to solve a problem you have to work on solutions to the symptoms that are creating the problem.

I know…all of that sounds rather convoluted and maybe it is.  In short, then, symptoms are the source of the solution to the problem.  So, clearly define what your problem is.  Having done that, then, just as clearly define all the symptoms that are leading up to the problem.  Finally, develop solutions to eliminate the symptoms and you eliminate the problem.

The challenge most people struggle with is they try to focus on symptoms before clearly defining the problem.  If you don’t very clearly know what the problem is how can you know what the symptoms really are?  As I said, define the problem very clearly and then you can reach a solution to it through understanding the symptoms creating it.

However, there’s the possibility you will still fail at your effort to succeed at solving the problems in your way.  You don’t define success only by results. You define it by understanding how to overcome your failures along the way.

In summary, success is achieved in overcoming failure.  There’s the possibility in your life.

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