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Thick Glasses

Okay…so you don’t need glasses regardless of how thick!  I would argue, at least figuratively, we all need well fitted glasses and for a very important reason.  In my own case, reading glasses help me put clarity to whatever I’m reading.  Frankly, in most cases, if I don’t have my glasses on, I can’t read a word on the screen or the page.  So, what’s the point?

Well, here goes.  The bigger picture of your opportunities in life is hard to see through the distorted vision created by a big ego.  Ego begets eyes that become glazed over with your own self importance.  Ego is to eyes what frost or dew is to the windows on your car.  You know there’s a view on the other side but it is almost impossible to see it with any clarity.  Driving with impaired vision is a formula for disaster for you and those around you.

And, so it is with living your life to its fullest.  Trying to create a life of great value requires clarity in your vision of it.  Clarity as to how to achieve that value comes from the mirror of your soul not the thickened glasses of your ego.  Get your glasses fitted properly by seeking objectivity in all that you do.

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