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Things to Be True To

b2ap3_thumbnail_00448725I know!  “To” is a preposition and some people would say you shouldn’t end a sentence with a preposition.  Well, I didn’t.  I ended the title to this post with a preposition…that’s different than a sentence!  Now, that we have that settled let’s move on to my point.

Your life has to spring from a foundation of truths.  If you’re living on a foundation of half-truths or outright falsehoods, everything will crumble around you very quickly.  Truth is the rock on which you build your life…that’s if it’s going to be a high value life.

So, in order to live your life on a foundation of truths, what are the critical things to be true to?  Here are some true statements to help you live your truth.

  • Being other than absolutely true to who you are defines you as, at best, confused about the most important thing in being true to anything else in your life. If you’re not true to you, how could you expect others to be true to you?  They have no idea who you are and neither do you!
  • Find your purpose (passion) in life and you find the piles to stabilizing your other foundational truths. The direction you achieve by having a clear purpose makes your truth easily defined.  The emotion attached to your purpose helps trust you yourself and your direction.
  • Your spiritual truth gives you the strength of a greater calling or purpose. Spiritual truths don’t have to be religion based.  The point is whether you base your spirituality on organized religious beliefs or the metaphysical sense of the universe that spirituality helps you to never feel truly alone.  Just as your sense of self and understanding your purpose, your spiritual truth lays a solid foundation to your life.
  • Finally, there are the required relational truths necessary to a fulfilling life. Remaining true to the first three points, makes truth in your interpersonal relationships that much easier.  The greater the truth within those relationships the deeper and more powerful they are.

Truth is your truth is your essence.  Essence being defined as:  “the basic or most important feature of something, which determines it character.”

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