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Think and Grow “Itch”

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900341909If you haven’t read the many great books by Napoleon Hill, then you have missed an amazing opportunity.   His prolific thought leadership up until his death in 1970 has meant the difference between success and failure for countless people around the globe.  Even though he died over forty years ago the thoughts he expressed are still relevant and having amazing impact on people.  One of his books of particular genius was entitled, Think and Grow Rich.

Yes, I know the title of this post plays off of his genius but it is slightly different and has a slightly different focus.  Where I want you to focus regarding this post is on what are the things you can do to stimulate the “itch” to succeed at the highest levels.  Frankly, there is one all important thing you must do to even begin to stimulate such an “itch.”

To digress a moment, one of Hill’s great concepts was the “17 Principles of Personal Achievement.”  Now, even an understanding of those 17 Principles will not give you a big enough “itch” to succeed, if the one all important thing I mentioned isn’t active.

So, what is the all important thing?  It is how you think.  Your thinking drives everything you do.  If you think with an “itch” to gain and act on an ever growing body of knowledge and skills, you will achieve beyond your wildest dreams.

Think first, “itch” later and grow!

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