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Think Like Gandhi: Priorities for Life and Learning

b2ap3_thumbnail_blackboard-583692_1280It is hard to imagine a human being could think with such sparkling clarity not just once but over an entire lifetime. Many people would agree Gandhi was one of those people.

A case in point for the purpose of this post…“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” See what I mean!! That quote is just another stellar example of Gandhi’s ability to reduce things down to their absolute essence.

How often do you bypass the opportunity to learn something new because you are not yet ready to take the time or whatever? Who gave you the crystal ball that makes you so sure you have the time to wait?

One of the great gifts of your life is the opportunity to learn all you can. The content of all forms of learning media contains nourishment for the human soul. Yes, even yours!

Your opportunities in life are only as limited as the quantity of knowledge you have and apply. Without knowledge, opportunities are blown into the mists of time for you…Never to be available again.

Stop—right now and vow to take a disciplined approach to learning something new each day. Think about the impact on the quality of your life if you devoted just 15 minutes per day to learning something new. In one year you would have accumulated over 90 hours of new knowledge!

HELLO…most bachelor degrees require somewhere in the neighborhood of 120 to 130 credit hours. In other words, devoting 15 minutes a day on learning new ideas could be compared to earning 70% of a college degree.

Just do it! The quality of your life depends on it. Think like Gandhi!

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