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Think Like Robert Kiyosaki Regarding Fear

You don’t know Robert Kiyosaki?  Don’t let that stop you from reading this post because neither do I know him!

However, I am familiar with some of his more famous works like:  Rich Dad, Poor Dad.  It still ranks in the top 100 books on Amazon.  The guy is a prolific writer…he has many pages of books listed on the Amazon site.  Amazing!

But, this post is not about Robert Kiyosaki.  It’s about one of his pithy observations for which he is known and its relationship to your success.

Before we get to Kiyosaki’s observation, I need to make a point for your benefit.

Please “don’t feel like the Lone Ranger” as it relates to achieving success in your life.  Yes, striving to succeed may be a challenge for you but it is for most of us.  On the other hand, the implications of not achieving success are far too shattering.  Let’s don’t even go there!

Rather, let’s consider what Kiyosaki says.  “Don’t let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning.”

Now, ya’ gotta’ admit that is pithy!  ;<)

The question becomes how do you live by Kiyosaki’s philosophy expressed in his comment?  There are 3 things you need to do.

Identify your fear is the first thing you must do if you are not going to let fear of losing overwhelm you.  When trying to make this identification, don’t fall in the trap of focusing on symptoms rather than the root of your fear.

An example:  You experience vertigo when looking down from great heights.  Fear of heights may actually be a symptom.  Maybe the root cause of your fear is a subconscious reaction to a fall you took when you were a child.

Or, how about this example:  You absolutely shutter with fear when confronted by a snake.  (I feel your pain!  I can personally relate to that one!)  Anyway, the snake may only be the symptom of your real fear.  The root cause of the fear actually is the visceral reaction you had when watching a horror movie at some time or another that involved people being attacked by venomous snakes.

Remember Snakes On a Plane?  Yikes!

The point of these examples is to emphasize if you are going to effectively deal with fear you must be focused on the real cause of the fear not some symptom.

Which brings me to the second thing you need to do to overcome fear:  Determine why you have the fear.

You might think identifying symptoms of your fear is the same thing.  It is not.  Clearly knowing symptoms that result in you feeling fear can help as noted above.  However, you must go deeper.

Take the first example…a fall you took as a child.  For this step in the process of overcoming fear, the task is to analyze everything you felt during your falling experience.

Think in terms of both the physical and mental characteristics of the experience.  Determine the one characteristic of most importance to you.  Having done that will lead you to the most probable “why” for your fear.

Now, you can deal with it, as appropriate! So, the final step in overcoming fear is to counter it with a specific action.  In our falling example above, the action might be to view videos on YouTube where people describe how they have overcome the fear of falling.

To summarize.  You want to win…to succeed…but you can’t because you fear losing more than wanting to succeed.

Do this:

  1. Identify your fear
  2. Determine why you have the fear
  3. Counter your fear with a specific action

You really have nothing to fear and success to gain if you follow those 3 steps.  Robert Kiyosaki will be proud of you!

How have you overcome something you once feared?


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