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Think Straight

Lots of little truisms, or whatever you want to call them, revolve around the idea of how we should think.  Things like:  Put your thinking cap on. Or, What were you thinking? Or, Think how you will feel if you do this or that!  Or, I was thinking…  Or, Thinking of you.  Or, The more I think about it the less I like it.  See what I mean?  We could go on and on.

But, my objective is not to remind you of all the things ever said that relate to how we should think.  My focus is on helping you to think straight.  The implication of “think straight” is you will get things in proper order and therefore get something done right.  Example:  Before you act make sure you put your thinking cap on and think straight.  Were you to do as the previous sentence says, you would probably be successful at whatever you were going to attempt to do.  That would be good, wouldn’t it?

So, how do you go about assuring yourself that you think straight on all that you do?  By the way, another implication here is that if you’re thinking too emotionally, you are probably not going to think straight.  Emotional thinking drives feelings and feelings can drive you to action.  The question is will such actions always be the right ones?  On the other hand, when you do things to wring the emotions out of your thinking you will probably be more likely to be successful.

Back to the question I posed at the beginning of the previous paragraph.  There are lots of things you can do to assure you think straight before you make a decision.  Things like:

    • Gather all the facts


    • Objectively compare the facts to your emotional reactions


    • Act based on the facts but let your emotions drive you to stay focused on all the facts


    • When you’re sure you have the facts straight, act accordingly


  • But, the most important thing you can do to make sure you think straight is maybe best defined by Henry Ford, who said:

“Nobody can think straight who does not work.  Idleness warps the mind.”

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