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This Was the Year to Achieve Your Dreams

b2ap3_thumbnail_00442430It’s the middle of October, as I write this post.  Time is a fleeting!  There’s a little over two months to make what you were going to make happen this year happen.  Are you panic stricken yet?  Don’t be!  Do this instead, if your year has slipped by and the dreams you planned to achieve are slipping away, as well.

First, don’t give up!  Rather, give thought.  By that I mean analyze where you have been this year and where you haven’t gone that you should have to have accomplished your plans for reaching your dreams.  Make two lists from this thought process.  One list showing where you have been (what you have accomplished).  The other list must show what you should have accomplished that you haven’t.

Congratulate yourself for what you have accomplished!  Don’t spend too much time, though.  You’ve got work to do!

Prioritize the list of things you haven’t accomplished by putting at the top of the list those things you are sure you can achieve by the end of the year. Build a revised plan of how you are going to get those things done by December 31.  Now, act on them and don’t stop until the job is done.

Even if it is too late in the year to achieve all the dreams you wanted.  By doing the above steps, you can at least finish the year with a flourish of activity that reinforces your commitment and will leave you in a more positive state of mind to begin a new year of effort.

Your dreams are never lost…only slightly deferred…as long as you never quit!

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