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Three Easy Steps to Avoid Dumping Yourself into the Garbage Heap of Failure and Stinking Up Your Life

Remember that smell?  It was the one when you were carrying out the garbage in a brown paper bag.


Okay so you don’t use those anymore.  I’ll bet you can still remember when you did!


Anyway, without you realizing it the juices from the other night’s chicken gravy had soaked through the bag.  Next thing you know the bottom falls out of the bag and there is garbage strewn on top of your brand new $175 running shoes and the floor around you.  The damage to your shoes and the floor is bad enough but the stink from the garbage was overwhelming!


There was only one solution, right?  You had to start over so to speak…get another bag; hold your nose while you gingerly picked up the mess of garbage; walk to your garbage receptacle and dump everything in it.



Now, here’s the link between that story and your success in life.  You could have avoided the whole mess if you had done three things.  Those same three things apply to having success with anything.


First, if you had taken the responsibility for making different arrangements for collecting the garbage, the smelly situation would never have occurred.  Success at any task in life or the achieving of any goal demands that you seek and take responsibility for the outcome.


Secondly, taking calculated risks is critical to succeeding at anything.  In the case of using the brown paper bag for your garbage, you took silly risk.  It was almost a certainty that something juicy would be discarded in the bag and it would soak through creating the problem.

For success, in general, you have to stretch beyond your comfort zone.  You always have to take some risk.  But, you turn the odds in your favor through proper research, preparation and execution.

Finally, the garbage mess would never have happened if you had never taken a shortcut by choosing to use a brown paper bag in the first place.  The paper bag was probably the closest thing at hand and so you made excuses and chose the easy way out.

So, to summarize…the three easy steps to success are:

  • Seek and take responsibility
  • Take calculated risks only
  • Don’t make excuses…do your best, always

Don’t stink up your life and end up on the garbage heap of failure.  Always follow the above three easy steps.

Leave a comment on what you think of these steps and what you would add.


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