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Three for the Road

If you want to travel successfully along the road of life, you have to create your own options as you go. There are three key areas on which you should focus as you travel.

First, you have to recognize the importance of developing physically throughout the entire span of your life. The experts tell us it takes a minimum of sixty minutes of various forms of exercise at least three times per week to even begin to establish some reasonable level of physical fitness. Don’t take my word for it! Talk to your doctor and then, as appropriate, follow the Nike mantra, “Just Do It!” But, then, like the Energizer Bunny, “You have to keep going and going and going!”

The second key is exercising the discipline to learn intellectually throughout your life. There are a number of reasons why your acquisition of knowledge throughout life is so important to you. One thought is the higher up the ladder of knowledge you climb your base of knowledge will grow wider thereby making you more stable in pursuit of your goals. The content of books and all forms of learning media is nourishment to the human soul. Your acquisition of knowledge through those various learning media is one of life’s greatest gifts. Read! Study! Listen! Watch! Lots!

Finally, the third key is disciplining financially. When you know you either have or are progressing toward true financial independence it gives you a level of peace of mind that is indescribable.

So, how do you get there? I like the Rule of Thirds as it relates to financial independence and security. It states that a third of your income should go toward some form of investment. It can be in your own business; real estate; or other financial products. The point is to build equity in yourself by investing a third of what you earn. Another third goes toward funding your current lifestyle. The final third goes toward funding the community’s lifestyle…otherwise known as taxes!

Sound impossible to live by the Rule of Thirds financially? Well, it’s not! Even if you have to grow into living by the rule over an extended period of time it’s better than not exercising any financial discipline. Contrast financial security with the empty, stabbing, sinking feeling of financial insecurity or even worse yet, financial dependence.

Think “3” as you travel down the road of your life: Developing physically; Learning Intellectually; Disciplining Financially. It will make for smoother more successful travels.

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