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Three Letters

I’m not talking about writing letters.  I’m talking about the difference between two words that can make all the difference in your level of success in this world.

Now, I know it sounds ridiculous to suggest that three letters of the alphabet could make that much difference in your life.  But, think about it.  The word, can, is a simple yet powerful word when put in proper context.  Proper context for my purposes being you always thinking you can do something.  The context, then, is a powerfully, positive one.

On the other hand, with just adding three letters the word can totally change your outcomes in whatever you do.  The three letters?  N-O-T.  In short, you change your whole attitude when you think you cannot do something.

Three letters make all the difference.  Can or cannot.  You make the choice.  Yes you can because I cannot believe you don’t want to.

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