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Three Steps

Okay.  So, what’s this about?  The title is pretty clear…three steps.  But, then you may be wondering what three steps to where?  Maybe I should tell you so let’s get started!

I’m talking about you creating a bright future for yourself.  It’s all about how you think about it and don’t over complicate it.  Take three steps and you will be there when the future comes.

First, celebrate what was.  In other words, reflect on your past and celebrate the successes.  Do a quick analysis of what you did to create those successes.  List what you learned so you can draw from those experiences in your future.

On the other hand, don’t dwell on the failures.  Acknowledge them…learn from them and move on.  If you dwell on your shortcomings they will become who you are.  That is never good in trying to create a bright future.

The second step is already partially completed when you take the first step.  But, the importance of this step is to develop a clear understanding of what has led you to what is currently.  It’s with that understanding that you can see how to apply your past experiences to accelerate your success in the future.

And, the third step is to use what you learned from taking steps one and two and create what can be.  In other words, your bright future arrives because of actions you take now.  There is no bright future without applying the lessons of the past and of the present.

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