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Time and Life

Time without management is like life without purpose.  I ask you:  How can you wander through your life without a clearly defined purpose to your future and how can you waste each moment of your life through a lack of managing those moments to their greatest advantage?  The answer in my opinion is simple…with one comes the other.  And, it can seem like a “chicken or the egg” situation but the fact is both well managed use of your time and a purpose in life are needed for a more fulfilling life.

Purpose in life can be multiple or singular.  Some people are driven by a singular focus in their lives while others have a purpose for business success, family success and spiritual success.  I won’t go so far as to say one is better than the other.  Rather, I simply want to emphasize that you have to have a PURPOSE or PURPOSES!  Without it or them, you have no direction in your life.  Without direction in life, it becomes a wasteland of desolate misery traveling from one oasis to another never finding a way to truly drink from the well of life.

Don’t travel…settle!  Find something of passion in the important aspects of your life and settle on the idea that you will use the passion to give you direction.  Do this:

Write the story of your life.  It doesn’t have to be in copious detail.  Chunk it into key time frames and write your story.  Review your story with an eye to circling those things in your life that show recurring interest on your part…things that you love to do.  Look for a consistent pattern in those things you circled.  It is the pattern that will help you put clarity on what you are truly passionate about.

Having done the above, then allow the engine of your passion to ignite the fuel of your dreams.  Build a road map to your dreams.  A life plan, if you will, that includes, “why,” “what,”(goals), and “how,”(the actions steps you need to take to achieve the goals).

When you have done all of the above, time without management will not be a challenge for you.  You will be so driven by the pursuit of your passion that you will choose to manage your time to assure achievement of your dreams.  The bottom line is you have to put deadlines on when you want to achieve your various pursuits and manage your time accordingly.

I believe the above thoughts changes the opening sentence to read:  Life with purpose results in management of time with urgency.  There are no “chicken or the egg” questions in that statement.

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