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Time Is Money

With all the talk about the value of various currencies around the world, it seems appropriate to consider your personal currency.  By that I mean, you can think about your time as being your money, so to speak.

Think about it this way.  A second is worth a penny.  Let’s say a minute is worth a dime and an hour is worth a dollar.  I know that’s below minimum wage but humor me here!!!

The idea is that every second, minute or hour you waste is some part of your monetary network that is gone forever.  You can’t recover that money because it is permanently lost in time.  Scary, don’t you think?

You wouldn’t literally throw money away, now, would you?  Of course not!  You’ve worked too hard to earn your money to just throw it away.

So, it is with your time.  Time has value just as tangible as your money.  The good thing about money is you can always go out and earn more.  The bad thing about something just as valuable, time, is you can’t save it…you can’t earn more of it.  It is finite and fleeting.

Invest your time just as you would invest your money.  Have a short term and long term strategy in place as to how you will invest your time.  Make sure the plan maximizes the upside, your future, and minimizes the downside, a focus on times past.

Make no mistake about it.  Time is money.  Spend it very wisely and, oh, by the way, make sure other people aren’t spending it for you!

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