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Time To Eat!

In the good old days, when families actually ate most meals together, the title of this post was a very familiar phrase heard around the house.  Usually, it was greeted with enthusiasm and great haste to get to the kitchen table.  The family cook (Mom, in those days) didn’t have to wait too long for everybody to be seated and begin chowing down.

Conjures a nice domestic picture in the minds-eye, doesn’t it?  Well, good luck in replicating that scene in most homes these days!  All of that said, the real purpose of this post has nothing to do with any of the previous observations.  They just kind of rolled into my stream of consciousness as an interesting way to get into the real topic.

In short, we have time to get unhealthy but not time to eat healthy!  To paraphrase a thought from Stephen R. Covey: When it comes to creating healthy eating patterns, fast is slow and slow is fast.  In other words, when you eat copious amounts of fast food (junk food), your health will be slow to recover to a high state of well-being.  On the other hand, when you slow down and balance your intake with the various food groups and eat on a timely basis, your health will be fast to respond in a very favorable direction.

It’s time to eat in the way that you know you should!  Here’s a link to a great resource for you to get started.

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