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Tips For Cheers!

Okay, so the times are difficult and things are changing daily it seems. So what?  Everybody is in the same boat so why spend your time whining or lamenting about your trials and tribulations?

Rather, add a little cheer into your world and the world in turn will look better and react better to you.  Don’t think so?  Try these tips for a couple of days and see if your general well-being doesn’t take a turn for the better.  Then, keep practicing them.

    • Resolve not to focus on the negative but to reinforce the positive.


    • Smile at people even though you don’t feel like it.


    • Pay somebody a kindness each and everyday.


    • Pace yourself when you’re struggling…allow yourself to breathe and perspective changes.


    • Don’t lament your challenges…face them with good cheer and deal with them.


    • Focus on the wonders of your being alive and not the miseries of your existence.


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