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To Be Effective Isn’t What Busy Is

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900442748_20131126-211047_1Managing your time to get all the things you need to get done can be an overwhelming challenge.  This is especially true in these times of incessant email messages, social media interruptions and quixotic change.  It’s all enough to make you too busy to be effective in most aspects of your life.

I want to make sure we’re clear on what I mean by the word, effective.  It may seem self-evident but many times people confuse the idea of being effective with that of being efficient.  Both may be important but for my purposes, here, I’m focused on you being effective in your life.  So, from my frame of reference when I think of the word, effective, I’m thinking about getting the intended result that you want.

Let’s put that definition into action for an example.  You’re looking forward to getting together with friends tonight after work, let’s say.  As the day progresses, the emails mount in your inbox; the boss changes his/her mind multiple times which impacts your understanding of what the work objective is and your computer crashes which requires time to fix it that you hadn’t expected.  As a consequence you are so busy you can’t even see straight!  You call your friends and cancel the get together.

Problem:  Even though you’re busy at work the intended result isn’t happening.  Not only that, but you being so busy has destroyed the intended result of getting together with your friends.

Outcome:  You do not have an “effective” day by absolute definition!

Point:  Being busy with minutia may make you feel like you’re accomplishing something when, in fact, you are not being effective.  If you are not effective you cannot succeed at anything!

Solution:  Discipline yourself to devote the majority of your time on what is truly important to get your intended result regardless of the challenge of being too busy to be effective.

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