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To Succeed You Must Fail Better

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0387791The importance of failure can’t be understated in reference to a highly successful life.  It’s as simple as this…there is no progress toward ultimate success without failure occurring first.  Think about it!  How can you progress, if you don’t know how to?  It’s failure that teaches you all you need to know to ultimately succeed.

In that regard, I stumbled upon an interesting fact in my reading, recently.  The fact is the word, success, is derived from the Latin word, succedere, which loosely translated means “to come after.”  Now, you could ask, Success…to come after, what?  Heellooo!  How about failure?  In other words, one state…success…can’t exist without another state…failure.

Progress is defined as forward movement towards a destination.  Without the dreaded pain of failure to force you to redefine, rethink, reassess, reevaluate your circumstances, your circumstances won’t improve.  It’s failure that forces you to do all those things!  If you plan to succeed, you must plan to fail somewhere along the way.

So, instead of dreading failure refocus your thinking so you “fail better.”  By that I mean, recognize that failure presents you a better opportunity to succeed.  Failure always defines for you better options to achieving success if you will but sense the opportunity rather than dwell on the disappointment.  It’s all about thinking better…thinking positively… in the face of failure.

Fail better to succeed even better!

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