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To Successfully Surrender to Strategic Change Is Sublime

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0403195Even metaphorically waving the white flag sounds so wimpy.  The very idea of surrender usually does not carry with it the image of a successful outcome. Surrender is failure!  You can’t succeed if you fail, right?

In a perfect world, maybe the idea of surrendering before reaching your chosen objective could be considered failure.  Aaah!  But, it is not a perfect world!  Even a well-structured plan of action to succeed at something can be derailed by changing circumstances that could not be clearly anticipated prior to setting the plan in motion.

In such circumstances, blindly pushy forward with a plan weakened by the new reality is destined to failure.  Yes, one always has to fail (probably multiple times) along the path to every success.  But, failure born of inflexibility in recognizing legitimate and strategic change is failure that results in permanent loss of the particular objective.  Doing such a thing is total abdication of your possibility to succeed.

If you are committed to succeeding in your life, you have to be willing to surrender and accept strategic change.  Obviously, I’m not talking about changing just to be changing.  Rather, every successful plan to succeed carries within it evaluative steps that forces constant review of current circumstances.  When those circumstances affect your chances at realizing your long-term or overall aims and interests and the means of achieving them you have to surrender to a new direction.

In short, strategic surrender of outdated strategy brings sublime results to your success.

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