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To The Bone

There’s a great bit of philosophy I once heard.  The philosophy?  “Training accelerates experience.”  Wonderfully simple thought with a very powerful message.

Let’s put that philosophy in perspective when it comes to your success in life.  You can choose to “work your fingers to the bone” for decades and get the equivalent of one day’s, one month’s or one year’s experience over and over.  Talk about futile effort!  Or, you can choose to train yourself so you can accelerate decades of experience into a few days or weeks of learning.  Days or weeks sounds a heck of a lot better to me than decades!

You will still have to work hard but you will have, potentially, a much longer time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  A related thought is the Japanese language contains a thought expressed as Kaizen in our language.  The English translation is, “the relentless pursuit of continuous improvement .”  Kaizen or to the bone…you make the choice.

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