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Too Much Effort Will Get You Reduced Results

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900341647Remember when you were a little kid and you would play hide-and-seek with your friends?  The joy and exhilaration of the experience was a highpoint in your playtime on those days.  Of course, there was the dark side of the experience, as well.  I mean…think back.  You’ve found the ultimate hiding place and you are secure in your choice.  Then, it happens!  Totally unexpectedly you are frightened out of your wits by the “It” person sneaking up on you and yelling at the top of their lungs:  “You’re it!”  Remember that exhilaration giving away to the fear of having been unexpectedly found?

Let’s translate those feelings into their relevance to your daily adult pursuits.  Every day you have the potential of “It” sneaking up on you and reducing your exhilaration down to fear and even exhaustion.  The “It” to which I am referring is even more sneaky than your childhood friend who was “It.”  Furthermore, the impact of this “It” on your life can be permanently damaging.

“It” is overwork!  When you allow your work to sneak up on you to the point of excluding your health you will inevitably suffer reduced capacity to work.  Getting to the point of being so overwhelmed you feel the only answer is to dig deeper and keep working at all costs is counter to the scientific facts.  Your mind and body can take only so much work related stress before it begins to lose efficiency and effectiveness.

A Simple example to make my point:  You are focused on completing a huge project.  It is confounding in its difficulty and volume.  You seem to be banging your head against the wall and not making adequate progress.  You commit to redoubling your efforts as the only solution to overcoming the problems and finishing the project.  Things don’t get better so you dig deeper and keep working!

Wrong!  When you get so overworked that you are suffering from exhausted frustration the counter-intuitive (and right thing) to do is to temporarily reduce your effort to improve your results.  How does that work or why?  The answer is when you take a few minutes, hours or in some cases even days, your mind and body become re-energized.  You return to the task with renewed perspective and probably creative ways to overcome any issues with the project’s completion.

Don’t let too much sustained effort sneak up on your productivity.  Relax once in a while and you will find your results will soar.  Unplug and focus on family, hobbies and physical health activities.


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