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Top Five Stepping Stones to Greatest Achievement

b2ap3_thumbnail_011I don’t know what your experience is with stepping stones but mine is they can be very slippery.  For example, the Madison River in Montana was a fabulous stream to fish for rainbow trout when I was a kid.  Not only was the water in the river pristine and the fish plentiful the view as I was fishing was stupendous!

Here’s the problem…For some reason the stones in the river were covered with a very slippery moss.  So, when stepping on them to move further out in the river so I could fly fish with minimal interference, I had to pay particular attention to each stone.  It was not a river I wanted to fall into…especially with fishing waders on!

The idea of course was to safely distance myself from the shoreline trees, etc., by avoiding the current of the river using the stepping stones.  The general slippery conditions, however, created a real challenge in being able to cast into prime fishing waters unimpeded (my goal).

Well, the use of stepping stones in pursuit of your goals can be just as helpful to you as those in the Madison River were for me.  However, you have to pick the stepping stones that are not slippery!  Otherwise, you will be lost in the negative currents of life rather than reaching the prime waters of your goals.

Here are the safest stepping stones to achieving success:

First, you must only pursue goals for which you have a passion.  Goals without passion are only wishes.

Secondly, you must visualize what it will be like to reach your goal.  Let your passion help you maintain the vision throughout your pursuit.

Third, map out the stepping stones to your vision.  In other words, build a detailed plan that will get you there.

Fourth, take consistent action as defined by the steps in your plan.  A plan without action is a pointless projection of what could have been.

Fifth, if by chance the conditions in life’s current change the pattern of the stepping stones you should take…make the change.  If you don’t make that change, things could get dangerously slippery!

…Five stepping stones to the prime waters of your greatest achievements.  Take them, they are safe!

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