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Top Sign

No, there isn’t a typo in the title.  I meant the title to be what it is because it sends the right message for my purposes in this blog post.

Here’s the point.  If you’re going to get to the top in your life (However you want to measure it.), there are signs along the way telling you of your progress.  The signs could be as varied as your own gut telling you you’re not cutting it to the other extreme of getting some form of external acknowledgement of your successes todate.  I could spend a week describing all of the various signs you could see or sense as you progress (or not) toward your goals in life.  But, that would be unproductive for you.

Rather, I would like you to focus on one thought that trumps all the other signs along the way.  Are you ready?  If you want to get to the top , then never say, “Stop!”

If you can “top” that “sign,” please let me know through a comment.

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