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Torn and Broken

A torn piece of clothing, a broken child’s toy or a broken road sign.  Usually, with some ingenuity and effort we can fix any of these.  Not so when it comes to the words we say without thinking.  Once they are said you can’t take them back.  They can leave people feeling like that piece of clothing, toy or sign.  Torn and broken.

Life’s positive and powerful human relationships are not built by tearing people’s self esteem apart or breaking their spirit.  Harsh, mean-spirited and thoughtless words can do just that.

The temporary euphoria or superiority you might feel when leaving people in a torn and broken state through your words soon is replaced by guilt or emptiness.  The after effect of your own words force you into a torn and broken state of mind.  What a way to live your life!

Back-off.  Think before you speak.  Feel the emotion of the after effects before you allow the emotions of the present to drive you thoughtlessly into saying something you will regret.  It will help you not leave others or yourself feeling torn and broken.

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