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Are you full of it?  Are you weighed down by it?  Is it so bad you can’t imagine how you will extricate yourself from it?  Are you wondering how you could have gotten yourself into such a state?  Are you looking for a way out?

Well, lets put everything in perspective before we go any further with this.  Many of us might not have the foggiest idea what the word in the title of this post means.  I know I didn’t until I recently stumbled onto the word, looked up the definition and thought what a great topic for a post.  Because the fact is, if you are torpid or in a state of torpidity there “ain’t” no way you’re going to excel in life.

No way!  It’s impossible to achieve at the highest level of your potential and be torpid…PERIOD…END OF STORY!  By definition you will be trapped in mediocrity, at best.  So what’s the definition of the word, torpid, that makes me so certain about all this?  Reduced to the simplest frame of reference, the definition is:  inactive and lacking energy.

See what I mean?  You couldn’t possibly reach your potential if you were in that condition!

Then, the question becomes how do you avoid a torpid condition?  First and foremost, you have to find those things that fire-up your passion.  Passion drives activity and energy to the point of almost being limitless.  Make a list of those things you absolutely love to do.  Pick two or three of them and do one thing each day related to those points of passion.

Before you know it you won’t be torpid.  In fact, your activity and energy will be at a pace that is torrid!

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