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Tough Can Be Easy But Easy Is Always Tough

b2ap3_thumbnail_00400911This is really going to be tough.  Somehow I’ve got to figure out how to make it relatively easy.  I know…I’ll summarize first and then fill in the blanks, so to speak.  Success is never easy and, therefore, always tough but the tough parts can be made easy.

The fact stated at the end of the previous paragraph doesn’t make success impossible.  It just makes it something that requires a tough-minded dedication and effort over time.  Only you can decide how important success, as you define it, is so you want to put forth the effort and tough it out through the pain and struggle.  In other words, nobody else can really motivate you.  Yes, they might be able to give you an insight from their point of view that resonates enough with you to help you dedicate yourself to some goal. But, the other person didn’t provide the motivation…your new perspective did it.

There is only one way to make tough easy as it relates to your motivation to achieve success.  Only one way!  Don’t bother looking for the easy way because that will make everything tougher.  That may seem like a rather tough attitude on my part but it is easy for me to support my point.  If success were easy, than you would have a tough time feeling good about it when you achieved it!  End of my point!!!

So, how do you take a tough thing like achieving success and make it easier to achieve?  (Remember, I said in the title that tough can be easy.)  Anyway, here’s the solution to making success less tough and more easy.  Don’t strive for something that is not specific enough and emotionally compelling enough to make you want to make the commitment.

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