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Tough Decisions Cannot Be Made From a Weak Posture

b2ap3_thumbnail_00382665No…I’m not talking about your physical presence when referring to weak posture.  I’m talking about positioning yourself so you can make tough decisions while minimizing the risk of those decisions being the wrong ones.

Yes, tough decisions can be hard to make and in some cases we delay making them thinking by avoiding them the problem will go away.  Now, that is taking a weak posture on the matter for sure!  Let’s face up to the fact that a life well-lived results from tough decisions having been made throughout. So, with that being the case what follows is a strategy for strengthening your posture when faced with tough decisions.

It doesn’t make any difference in what walk of life you face having to make tough decisions.  The process for making those decisions with minimal risk is the same.  You have to determine the answer to ten questions.

  1. What is the root cause that brings me to the position of having to make the tough decision?
  2. Why did the root cause occur?
  3. What are the consequences if I avoid making a decision?
  4. Who needs to be considered in making my decision both as to seeking advice and potential impact of my decision on them?
  5. What needs to be considered in making my decision?
  6. When is the best time to act on my decision?
  7. What are the potential reactions/outcomes to my decision?
  8. How can I plan for dealing effectively with those reactions/outcomes?
  9. Why am I morally and ethically right in coming to the decision and acting on it?
  10. What am I going to do to eliminate having to make a decision on this same situation in the future?

They say, “Knowledge is power.”  If you want to make tough decisions from a strong posture, have the answers to all ten of the above questions before you make the final decision.

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