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Tough is as Tough People Do

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900442417Don’t get me wrong…I’m not writing a post that has anything to do with the concept of “macho.”  In other words, I’m not talking about commenting on how to show aggressive pride in being male.  I’m talking about the “true” tough…The kind of tough it takes to build a life of purpose and power.

Making a life of significant positive impact on you and those around you is a very tough thing to do.  In considering that thought, think about the idea of being tough by considering some of its iterations.  Living a life of abundance (of purpose and power) requires you to be strong enough to withstand life’s wear and tear.  You have to be able to endure repeated exposure to difficulty and pain both physical and mental.  Sometimes life can become extremely rough and violent and you have to be able to deal with those circumstances.

So what is it that tough people do to be tough and persevere through the trials of life so they can enjoy the abundant life?  Here are some ideas:

  • First, is their mindset. Fear is a factor in their life just like all of us but they don’t allow fear to be a deterrent.  They figure out ways, given their personal circumstances, to minimize their fear and use their fear-driven adrenal to get them moving through the fear.
  • Tough people see opportunities more than they see roadblocks. Roadblocks don’t make them detour away from their vision of a particular opportunity.  Roadblocks make tough people create ways to blow the roadblocks up so the opportunities on the other side become accessible.
  • Really tough people have a depth of empathy for other people that allows them to do the tough things to lead people forward in life. Leadership is not about being out in front of the group with a great big title…it’s about being right in the middle of the group with a great big, disciplined heart.  One has to be very tough to be able to do that effectively.

Being tough then is more about your mental capacity than it is your physical prowess.  In other words, tough is as tough people think.

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