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Are you?  Yes, it’s tough out there.  It doesn’t make any difference as to your lot in life, either.  It’s tough everywhere and for everybody in some way.  That’s just the way life is!

Now, you could think of tough as being troublesome or you can think of it as opportunity.  The fact is if life is tough for everybody in some way the ONLY way to temper it is to look for the opportunities to overcome.  If you succumb to your tough times you will not be able to define and enjoy your good times.  In short, you have to be tough to overcome tough!

Whining doesn’t reduce the pain of the tough times in your life.  If anything, whining compounds your pain!  The reason is simple.  When you whine you’re not doing anything positive to overcome your problems.  Problems are solved from the positive not from the negative.  Negativity always makes things tougher on you.

The difference between having to endure tough times and enjoying good times is how you choose to think and act.  PERIOD!!!  End of story!

I know it’s tough.  But, better to be tough mentally and overcome than to be weak and succumb.

The worst circumstances in your life last only as long as you choose to allow them to.  Decide to take positive action and you can overcome anything…NOW!

Be tough!

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