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Toxic Twosome

The word toxic just sounds bad, doesn’t it?  I mean the ring of the word throws off really negative vibes for me.  It conjures in my mind the worst in everything.  It leaves me wary and defensive.  I don’t know if that’s true for you but hear me out on my point.

One single word definition of toxic is:  “poisonous.”  Now, if that doesn’t make you wary, defensive or protective, I don’t know what would!  Toxic seems bad…period.

So, here’s my point about the concept of the title, Toxic Twosome.  One of the twosome is the toxic waste the human race produces.  The second of the twosome is the toxicity of some people.  You know what they look and sound like.  In general, they live with a scowl on their face and a growl in their voice.  They’re human beings and for that alone we should respect their right to live their lives.  But, that doesn’t mean we have to be poisoned by their negativity and dumped unceremoniously onto their slag heap of misery.

No!  I believe toxic people are like toxic waste.  They both have to be contained to prevent devastating pollution to our environment.  It’s up to each of us to work hard at that containment so our lives are “green” with hope and opportunity.

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