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I’m not talking about Davy Crockett, here!  I’m talking about you and your path in life.

For some of us, it is difficult to get off the beaten path.  We follow along with everyone else.  Plodding…plodding…plodding down the same old and tired road to nowhere.  Frankly, when I look at those kinds of people, I see nothing but a reflection of their misery.  Their’s is an existence not a life with blazes of glory!

If you’re one of those who wants to get off that beaten path and blaze new trails, then do it!  Go ahead!  Believe!  Don’t believe you have to live in misery.  Believe that you can go where others haven’t!  After all that’s all any of the great achievers in this world have ever done.  They went where other people never dreamt they could go.

Why not you?  Don’t follow the beaten path.  Make your own!  Others will follow the trail you blaze and thank you for leading the way.

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