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Truth and Consequences

The more knowledge you have the more truth you know.  The more truth you know the lesser your chance for negative consequences from the actions you take in your life.  Or, to put that more positively, opportunities are born from and maximized through acting from the truth.

Put it in this perspective.  Have you ever experienced a situation where what you thought and what was were actually different?  In other words, your perspective on the situation was incorrect.  Let me answer that for you with a resounding YES!  When that happens the consequences are we usually take misdirected actions because the actions are driven by misinformation.  Do you really want to deal with those kinds of consequences too often as you live your life?

The consequences of acting on true opportunities can be measured in successes.  The consequences of acting through misperception are measured in failures.

That’s the truth!  One consequence could be you could act on it and improve your sense of success in your life immeasurably.

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