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Truth Be Told Life Can Be Terribly Tough

My wife and I just finished watching a TV miniseries called Madoff.  Regardless of your opinion of who caused  it or how the 2008 financial meltdown throughout the world was handled, I’m sure you could agree those were tough times for a lot of people.  Some would even suggest those times aren’t yet over.

I guess we could presume since Madoff received a life sentence in prison he was a major player in causing those tough times for thousands of his clients.  Charities, businesses, and families lost entire fortunes or at least the balance in their retirement account or whatever.

When you delve into the whole situation Madoff’s crimes were despicable and would seem to be caused by ego and greed.

But, the crime and its causes aren’t the issue here.  The fact is Madoff’s crimes created extremely tough times for lots of people.

Those people had no choice but to deal with their tough times in the best way they saw fit given their personal circumstances.

How do you deal with your tough times?  Are you satisfied with how you handle them?  Would you like to be able to handle better?

If so, maybe the idea mentioned in the following video could be of help to you.

Help us all out.  What is your best idea for handling tough times?

Please share your thoughts by commenting below.  

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