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Turning a Corner

Life isn’t about a straight line to whatever you ultimately want to do with your life.  If that were the case, it would be pretty easy to get whatever you want and fairly quickly.  I ask you, Has it been easy and quick so far?  Wait!  I’ll answer that for you.  In capital letters…NO!  That’s if you have been trying to achieve anything at all during this thing called life.

Look.  Whatever it is you want out of life, you have to plan for the twists and turns.  Just when you think you’re on a straight as an arrow super highway to your dreams someone or something creates a curve in that road.  Sometimes it isn’t even a gentle curve but a very sharp corner.

Hey, you could keep going straight but where is that going to get you?  Simple…In the wrecking yard of life, with your dreams shattered and your heart aching.

You have to become adept at turning a corner now and then.  But, think about and act on the following thought as you approach turning a corner in your life.  Make sure your passion to make the turn is propelling you toward your true purpose.

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