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Turning It Over

b2ap3_thumbnail_The-QuandryWhat? A car?  A pillow so it wears evenly?  Or, a seat cushion for the same reason?  Your body while asleep in bed?  Your mind? Turning what over?

Okay!  I’ll stop with the questions.  But, frankly, they’re good ones to consider given the real purpose of this blog post.

I’ll bet you’ve heard someone say something like:  Let me turn that over in my mind and I’ll get back to you with my answer later.  Many times that can be a frustrating response from someone when you want them to make some decision or take some immediate action.

Well, here’s the point for you.  You can’t keep just “turning it over.”  Your indecision must “move over” and allow for action.  If you’re only turning it over in your mind, you’re not moving it forward in your life.  You’re stuck in indecision!

Your ultimate success will come because of your actions not your mental gymnastics.  Actions are not of the mind.  By definition, they are not cerebral…they are driven by the passion in your heart and the external motions of your body.  It’s your passion and motion that determines your success.

Success is not a “turning it over” kind of thing.  It’s achieved by doing the right things over and over.

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