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Two Different, Same Worlds

Sounds like a direct conflict to me.  How can two different worlds be the same?  Well, for some perspective on that question read on!

Let’s face it, there are people living right in your neighborhood who have a different attitude about their world versus how you think about yours.  They might even live next door.  How in the world could their world be perceived as so different from yours?

It’s simple…it’s attitude in very large measure.  Your world is a hell or a heaven based on your attitude.  Change your attitude and you change your world.  As someone much smarter than me once said:  “Your altitude is only limited by your attitude.”  Last time I read anything on the subject, hell would seem to be at a much lower altitude than heaven!

Which is it going to be for you?  One person’s hell can be another person’s heaven.  And, that is true primarily because of the difference in attitude between the two people.

Fix your attitude and your same world becomes something different than what it was.

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