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Two EEs

Some organizations when referring to their employees in various written communications use two of the letter E as I have done in the title of this article.  Some of you might find that revelation interesting but it is totally unimportant to where I’m going in this post.  So, why did I even mention it?  Hell…I don’t know!  It just fell in place during my writing stream of consciousness.  Oh…I guess I was hoping to get your attention so you would digest my real point noted below.

The two “EEs” to which I am referring has to do with enthusiasm and energy.  Both of those words brought to life in your daily living add to the power of life’s experiences.  Enthusiasm energizes.  Energy excites.  Excitement enthuses.  And around and around it goes.

But here’s the importance to you and your life experiences.  The power of your energy is driven by the strength of your body and the enthusiasm of your mind.  The positive momentum in your life is in direct proportion to your energy.

Sounds almost like a chicken or the egg conundrum, doesn’t it?  Does energy come first and that drives enthusiasm?  Or, does your enthusiasm drive higher energy?  Who cares!  The bottom line is you need both to give you the strength to use your positive attitude which drives you to your greatest level of success consistently throughout your life.  In short, two EEs equal “Everything” when it comes to your success.

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