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Two Facts on How to Relax

b2ap3_thumbnail_00442336_20131124-191325_1There is nothing like being in a psychological frenzy and some kind, caring person tells you to relax.  What?  You’re thinking something like:  If I could relax you wouldn’t be telling me to relax because I wouldn’t be in a frenzy.  It’s not that easy to pull yourself out of a situation where you are nervous, tense, fit to be tied and a myriad of other descriptive terms we could use here.

Some people will tell you to train yourself to meditate when in times of stress.  I’m not one who formally meditates so I can’t speak to its benefits. However, here is a link to a great site that can give you more information on meditation benefits and methodology than I can, if you think it would be something that would interest you.

That said, however, probably the simplest thing you can do when you need to relax is to start with your breathing.  Force yourself out of the tense feel in your chest by stopping for a moment and taking a few deep breaths.  They need to be slow, deep and below the diaphragm.  By that I mean you should feel your abdomen expanding way out.  This little trick assures you are concentrating on your breathing while also making it deep enough to have a positive effect on relieving your tension.

If deep breathing doesn’t get the job totally done (but, if you’re doing it right, it will) then find a source of humor.  Go to the internet and Google funny videos.  When you do you will get about one billion, six hundred, sixty million results.  Given that fact, I’m not even going to suggest a particular site.  Just recognize that science has consistently proven laughter to be one of the best medicines for relieving tension.

So, two facts to help you relax are:  deep breathing and/or laughing.  When you need to relax pick one or both so you don’t get even tenser by hearing others telling you to relax!

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