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Two Negative Results Will Multiply into a Positive Outcome Every Time

b2ap3_thumbnail_people-316506_640How are you with math?  I can confirm I was okay up through basic algebra and then my wheels of understanding for mathematical concepts fell off.  It was a struggle for the rest of my educational career.  It got to the point that I absolutely hated math class and the burdensome homework that was inevitably assigned.

But, I survived all that misery!  I finally figured out why.  It is that revelation that helped me with all aspects of the subsequent years of my life.  I share the revelation with you in hopes it will be helpful to you as you struggle toward achieving success in your life.

Here’s the reality of life at all levels.  It never was meant to be easy.  Basic survival in life is tough enough but if you want to achieve at higher levels it gets even tougher.  Now think about those last couple of observations.  How is it that you survive on a basic level in your life?  Simple…you don’t quit!  You keep on keepin’ on, as they say.

Well, if it is true that basic survival in life requires you to not quit…to not give up and crawl into the brush and die…it is also true for any level of higher achievement in life.  That said here’s the problem:  You are doomed to experience failure in your life.  It is inevitable!  It is unavoidable!  However, failure only becomes a permanent condition when you quit before you overcome it.

Let’s go back to mathematics to reinforce that point.  If you have a single negative number and you don’t do anything else with it, you end up with a negative number.  You could compare that to failing.  However, if you keep working at your mathematical formula and multiply your first negative number by another negative number you end up with a positive result.  In other words two negative numbers multiplied together result in a positive number.

Translation?  Two negative results (failures) in your life will multiply into a positive outcome every time…if you don’t quit.  For social proof of my claim visit this websitefor a very cogent and simple explanation.  Again, the revelation is:  Don’t quit!

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