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Two Things Can Catch Up to You and Stop You from Reaching Your Dreams

b2ap3_thumbnail_00049450It’s really a challenge, always!  You set out on a particular journey toward some dream and everything falls apart.  You don’t reach the dream and you feel at least a sense of disappointment but maybe even some depression.

What happened?  My guess is one of two things caught up to you and derailed your efforts.  The first thing is the idea of what the goal was never translated into a passionate pursuit of it.  You didn’t have a goal that would work, in the first place.

A goal/dream can only be achieved when the passion of purpose is unwavering on your part.  You can only achieve that level of purpose when you have a deep emotional attachment to the goal.  In other words, goals that will work are ones that you feel even more than you can see.  Yes, you have to have a clear vision of the goal but that vision is only as clear as the emotion driving it.

The second thing that can derail your efforts at reaching your dreams is the work you put into them.  The irony is your willingness to persistently put forth the necessary effort to achieve your dreams is tied directly to your emotional depth of commitment.  If you’re not emotionally wound up to reach your dreams you won’t work toward them…period…end of story.

Define your passion…work your passion…reach your dreams.

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