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Universal Truths Have to Be Your Truths

b2ap3_thumbnail_Time-outFirst, let’s get on the same page.  A universal truth is so fundamental it cannot be changed or altered in any way.  In short, it is what it is…period.  To reinforce the concept of universal truth, someone once said:  Principles endure only techniques change.  In other words a universal truth is an enduring principle.  You may apply the principle with differing techniques than others use but, in the final analysis, the principle is still being practiced by all.

So, what does all this have to do with you?  Well, first, if your journey in life is not driven by the seeking of fundamental truths for you to live by, you will be lost in the maelstrom of confusion and lack of direction.  Your life will be relatively pointless because you are not coming from a bedrock of truth.  You’re living your life while sinking in the quicksand of uncertainties.

Your primary responsibility to yourself in trying to live your life to the fullest is to find the universal truths that most impact you and yours and act on them.  The challenge is finding your truths!  Here are ten from which to launch your search.  These ten (in no particular order) would seem to be fundamental everyone.

  •          Emphasis on material things creates more anxiety than peace of mind.
  •          Even if your partner in life isn’t perfect true love will make it so.
  •          If you have children, they will break your heart even as they fulfill your life.
  •          Your life is an opportunity to share in the universal miracle of it.
  •          Change will always offer more opportunities than challenges.
  •          If you are to self-actualize in your life, you have to give more than you take.
  •          Authenticity is the admission price to peace of mind.
  •          Take responsibility for your own destiny and, therefore choose it rather than having it chosen for you.
  •          Remaining in each moment with a positive outlook will always overcome the negatives that will happen in your future.
  •          Feeling happy all of the time is impossible because there would be no contrasting feeling from which to identify it.
  • One final truth…When you find your truths, they have to be such fundamental principles that they could apply to everyone, universally.
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