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Unreal Authenticity Is An Oxymoron

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900442385_20130904-144919_1Talk about being redundant!  You’re either authentic or you’re not.  There is no such thing as unreal authenticity.  Unreal authenticity is a stellar example of what’s called an oxymoron.  Besides, “real” and “authenticity” communicate much the same implied characteristics.

Here, let me begin to make my point before you get “real” testy and begin to doubt the “authenticity” of my purpose!  Now, that I have your attention…

For you to exercise maximum power and control over the quality of your life, you have to be genuine in every aspect of your life.  You can only be genuine if you are who and what you say you are.  If you’re genuine, people have absolutely no doubt that you’re trust-worthy.  They don’t equivocate in the least as to whether you’re honest and sincere.

…”exercise maximum power and control over the quality of your life?”  So what?  Why?  Simple:  You can’t become all you can become in life without the help of other people and taking control over it…without powerfully attacking it.

Your life is meant to be grasped with all the gusto of your soul!  The energy and enthusiasm suggested by the word, gusto, is all about power and control and in the best sense of both words.  I’m not talking about the kind of power and control that manipulates people, places and things into submission to your will.  No, I’m literally talking about the power and control embodied in the concept of gusto.

The ultimate fact is, however, the power and control you have over your life is only as good as the commitment of all the people who help you along the way.  Everybody needs help in becoming all they can be.  People’s helpfulness is generated by their degree of gusto driven by your authenticity.

Get real!  Be authentic!  People will then help power you to your potential.

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